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     Hey guys, ok so, I know New Year's is over, but these are the first pics that we took with my new camera. I got a Canon SL1 for Christmas, so I just didn't want to waste them. Plus, it might give you guys a little inspo for next year. I've actually been searching for an outfit like this forever. I saw a girl in a pin wearing something very similar, and ever since then, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'll actually post the pin below, so that you guys will know what I'm talking about.

     Wide leg pants are extremely popular right now. I keep seeing them all over Pinterest, and these were actually really hard to find. That probably had something to do with me being so picky though. I was looking for some with a really high waist, so that I can wear them with crop tops all the time. I actually tried these on with a black lace crop top recently, and they look amazing, so I'll post that pic down below for you guys. I normally don't like buying clothing specifically for one major event and then never wearing it again, so it's great to know that these are versatile enough to wear out at night and during the day. Plus, I'm very self conscious about my tummy right now, because I gained a lot of weight over the holidays. These hide what I want to hide, and accentuate the nice part of my waist. It's kind of like an illusion. I probably sound like a magician. Anyway, I'm really happy with them, but I did have to get them tailored. I had them hemmed, and I had the rise shorten. It was $41 for both, but I only spent $25 on the pants. Most of the wide leg pants that I was considering before I found these were around $100 anyway. Now I have exactly what I was looking for. Well, except for the tailor took off too much of the length, so now I can't wear heels with them. That was my fault though, I should have been paying more attention to the hemming process, instead of just the rise. I probably should have just ordered a medium to start with. I'm 5'7" with a 28.5" waist and my hips are 39", so keep that in mind if you decide to order some. They were originally 2" too long for me to wear with 3.7" heels. Plus, like I said the rise was way too long, so I had to get that shortened by about 2" also. The large was just too big for me, and I didn't have enough time to exchange them before New Year's. Oh well, overall, I really love them now though, and I plan on wearing them a lot.
     This sequin top is one of the most beautiful tops that I've ever purchased! I originally bought it just to wear on New Year's, but it's so pretty that it makes me want to wear it all the time. Can we just wear sequins every day? I love how it's got silver accent sequins, too. They just give it that extra sparkle. Plus, it is the exact length that I was looking for. I wanted it to show a little skin whenever I wear it with high waisted pants, or even a skater skirts. Mine is a US size 8 / UK size 12, and my bust is 36". So, keep that in mind if you decide to get one. I actually just reviewed both of these items on my Youtube channel if guys wanna go check it out, the link is down below. If you are interested in purchasing either one, you can visit my website at or you can also Click Here. I hope you guys have a great weekend. xx


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  1. Beautiful styling! Liking the wide leg trend lately :)

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  2. i just follow your blog.nice post and blog <3

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