Shift Dress with Thigh High Boots

1:07 PM

     Hey guys, I know it's a little too cold to wear something like this in most of the world right now, especially with the blizzard going on in the Northeastern part of the US, but these are great basic pieces that are perfect for layering in the Wintertime. I'm absolutely in love with this olive colored shift dress, even though it looks more like a forest green to me. It's great for every day wear, and I really needed to add some more casual pieces to my wardrobe. I normally wear it with leggings to stay warm, but I think it would also look great with some skinnies. I'm obsessed with turtlenecks right now, but I hate the way some of them can tend to choke you to death. This one is soft and kind of loose, so it doesn't do that. Plus, I really like how the bottom of the dress tapers downward on both sides. It is a little see through, so I usually wear a nude cami underneath sometimes, but it's definitely not a necessity (I'm not wearing one in the pics above). Some people refer to it as a swing dress or a tunic btw.
     I also bought this cardigan to wear over all 3 of my new shift dresses. I bought one in burgundy and one in rust, too. lol I know, I'm an addict. Anyway, I really wanted something that would match all 3, and I think this cream color is perfect. Plus, it's the exact length that I was looking for, and it's got an asymmetrical design at the bottom, which adds a nice touch. It's really soft, and I know that I'll be able to wear it in the Spring and Fall, too. The only thing I don't like about it are the sleeves, they are a little too long. I probably should have gotten one size smaller or the one with 3/4 length sleeves instead. By the way, the seller has these in a ton of different colors with short, long, and 3/4 sleeves, so you have a lot of options. Plus, it was only $18.99. For my full Youtube review, and to find out where to get this dress, the cardigan, and the boots check out my website at

     I also purchased these thigh highs boots recently, too. These are the best shoes that I've ever owned in my life. I bought some in black, a few months, and I loved them so much that I decided to buy the same boots in brown and grey. They are amazing! It actually feels like I'm walking on air when I wear them. They are just that comfortable, and I'm really picky about heels. I have metal in my left foot from a car wreck that I was in, and it's really hard for me to find heels that I can wear all day and all night without my foot hurting really bad. These are a lifesaver though. I can wear them constantly without my feet hurting. The heel is 3.7" tall which is pretty high, so I don't even know how that's possible. I think it's because the platform is the perfect size, so it helps even out the level of your foot. I also love the height of the shaft, too. It hits a little above my knees, which helps elongate my legs. They actually make me look skinnier! Plus, they don't fall down all the time either, like most thigh high boots. You can wear them with some knee high socks, and they stay up perfectly. The only thing that I was skeptical about when I bought these was, the fact that, they don't have zippers on the sides. I was thinking to myself, how in the hell am I going to pull these things over my huge calves? Well, don't worry they are super stretchy, and I can even wear them with skinny jeans. Overall, they are just amazing, and I'm so glad that I finally found the perfect thigh high boots. For my full Youtube review of all 3 colors, check out my website at Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to mention, these are only $28.99!!!!! 

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