Thigh High Sweater Socks

11:00 AM

These are amazing! They are actually a lot darker than the pic, which is good, because I wanted black ones. I love how you can scrunch them at the top, and they don't fall down when u walk. The cable knit pattern is so adorable. I love wearing these with my sweater dress. It actually feels like you are wearing sweaters on your legs. lol They are so soft and comfortable. I was really scared to try thigh high socks, because I have huge thighs, but these don't dig into me at all. They actually make my legs look skinny :) For my measurements, the measurements of the thigh highs, and a youtube review please visit

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  1. great look, as a fashion designer, I found thigh high socks and legwarmers are nice with a lot of combinations ( shorts, skate skirt, under boots and more ) they are a must have accessory come back form vintage era, another timeless outfit in fashion. I love the different color style,disco combination and in roller skate ensemble. American Apparel and the best for me are :

  2. Thanx babe :) Yes, I totally agree. Plus, they are super cozy, and great to wear around the house. That's a cool site btw. Thanx for the link. I would love to check out some of your designs, too. I really want to learn how to sew soon, and maybe have my own clothing line one day.