Preppy Style

6:11 AM

These fit way better than I expected. I was actually afraid to order them, because I have huge thighs, so I thought they would dig into me, but they fit perfectly. I ordered the 6-8 size, and they are a little bit too long. I have to tuck them under my toes. lol I probably should have ordered the smaller size, but oh well. They look amazing, and I absolutely love them. For specific measurements and a youtube review please visit my website at

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  1. Gorgeous! Love this outfit so much! You can't go wrong with a good skater! I'm loving the over the knee look at the moment, socks and boots! Fab styling.

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Omg thank u! You're the first person to comment on my blog! Yay now I know people are actually looking at it. lol Yes, I'm obsessed with thigh high socks and burgundy right now. I just feel like it's a really cute way to stay warm on those not so freezing winter days. Thanx again! I'm going to go check out your blog :)